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about us

If you head about an hour south from Des Moines on Highway 5, you’ll find yourself in the rolling hills of Marion County -- perfect country for raising cattle. This is the home of the Schmaltz Family Farm - 250 acres of pasture and a herd of the finest beef cattle, with international blood lines.

We started our father and son cattle operation in 1993 with four cows and a dream. In 2000, we began selling locker beef to friends and family, and our reputation for delivering a fine product grew. Today our operation has grown to over 200 head of a combination of Red and Black Angus cows, Angus Wagyu cross cows, and full-blood Wagyu cows, all producing top quality beef for hundreds of satisfied customers each year.

Calves are fed on a mix of corn, soybeans and a protein pellet mix to increase marbling, and a pro-biotic mix to reduce illness, and to work with their genetics to begin the process of growing to the best advantage to produce the best marbling. As they grow, they are fed grass hay, alfalfa, rye silage, and corn for 18 to 22 months. From month 22 until they are butchered around 28 or 30 months we finish them with corn to improve their flavor and marbling. This is almost double the amount of time standard cattle breeders take to feed their cattle. We have developed our own protocol for a strict double vaccination program, and only use antibiotics when strictly needed to treat illness, and do not market those individual cows who receive antibiotics.

We grow our own alfalfa, rye, hay, and corn, and fertilize the fields with manure – commercial fertilizer is only used to supplement what manure doesn’t provide. We are continuously learning through seminars and experimentation, and strive to bring the best, most innovative and sustainable practices to our operation so that we may continue to improve our herd and bring a quality product to market long into the future, while sustaining the beauty and productivity of our land.

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