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Central Iowa Wagyu Beef For Sale

Humane Sustainability

Because today’s consumer wants meat that is humanely and sustainably raised from a reputable source, the Schmaltz Family Farm herd is husbanded with a natural and innovative approach to feeding and raising the animals and to caring for the land they live on. Our herd is a combination of Red and Black Angus, Angus Wagyu, and full-blood Wagyu cows, all from verified sources. We make these varieties available to suit the differing tastes of our customers.

Our beef is state inspected and custom processed year round at a small community locker, so we can offer the cuts our customers need. Remember, Wagyu beef cooks 30% more quickly than standard beef, because of the high level of marbling, so monitor cooking times closely for best results!

We Offer Pure Blood Wagyu Beef Bundles and Bulk Angus and Wagyu Options

Schmaltz Wagyu Beef is sold by Halves (Sides) that can be custom cut to your liking. Purebred Quarters and Bundles work well for those who have limited cold storage. For questions regarding the bundles we currently have available and delivery dates in Iowa please contact us on our Schmaltz Wagyu Facebook page or Gena at 641-891-1656.

The halves and quarters are available from our purebred Wagyu, Angus Wagyu or Angus cattle. Let us know your preference when you email or call us at 641-891-6496 (John) or 641-891-0281 (Duane) or reach out to us on Facebook or through this website.

Half (Side) of Beef

Approximately 290 – 320 pounds of beef

Quarter of Beef

Approximately 145 – 160 pounds of beef

Purebred Beef Bundles include but are not limited to:
  • Eye on the Prize: 2 Ribeye Steaks ,6 Ground Beef Patties, 2 Chuck Steaks, 4 pkg. Ground Beef

  • Tender Love: 4 Tenderloin Steaks, 2 Tenderized Round Steaks, 9 Ground Beef Patties,1 Arm Roast

  • The New Yorker: 2 New York Strip Steaks, 4 Minute Steaks, 9 Ground Beef Patties. 2pkg. Shanks

  • BBQ Bliss: 1 Brisket, 1 Short ribs pkg., 3pkg. Ground Beef, 6 Ground Beef Patties

  • Farmhouse Dreams: 4 Sirloin Steaks,2 Chuck Steaks,1 Flank Steak, 12 Ground Beef Patties, 4 pkg. Ground Beef

  • Royal Ribeye: 4 Ribeye Steaks, 1 Chuck Roast, 9 Ground Beef Patties ,2 pkg. Ground Beef, 1 pkg. Artisan Wagyu Jerky

  • Sweet 16th: 2 Ribeye, 2 New York Strip, 4 Sirloin Steaks,4 Minute steaks,4 Tenderized Round Steaks, 2 Chuck Roasts, 2 Packaged of Whole Muscle Artisan Jerky, 24 Ground Beef Patties, 8 Packages Ground Beef
Pricing is determined by the type of meat you order and current market conditions. We love to talk with you, so contact us via Facebook (@Schmaltz Wagyu), email or phone, to go over your questions or to place an order. You can also Schmaltz Wagyu on Instagram.

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