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Why is Wagyu beef so special?

Wagyu is the same breed of cattle that produces the internationally-prized Kobe Beef. This slow growing breed is special taking about 28 months to mature to the perfect market animal. Wagyu were first imported to the US in 1975, the name of this breed literally means ‘Japanese cattle’. The meat produced is high in marbling, and rich in omega 3 fats – all of which make for the signature tenderness and flavor that add up to a superior dining experience.

Wagyu Beef is known for it’s marbling, although marbling is fat it is not like other fat. Wagyu cattle because of the way this breed grows have 300% more mono-saturated fat than normal beef and the lowest cholesterol of all meats. High quality wagyu cattle have even been tested to have lower cholesterol than some fish and chicken.

Even the saturated fat contained in Wagyu is different since around 40% is in a category called stearic acid. Stearic acid is long-chain fatty acid that does not affect cholesterol because it digests into oleic acid.

Schmaltz Wagyu beef is sustainably and humanely raised on the Schmaltz Family Farm. Our Farm to Table Beef is Iowa Bred, Iowa Born, Iowa Raised, and Iowa Butchered in a natural way.
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